Be The One to support The Salvation Army of Manatee County
in the 2018 Giving Challenge, May 1 and 2 from noon to noon

What is the Giving Challenge?

The Giving Challenge is a community-wide online fundraising event to support local non-profit organizations.

I already support my favorite organizations, why should I donate through the Giving Challenge?

During the 24-hour Giving Challenge (May 1 at noon until May 2 at noon), The Patterson Foundation matches all donations up to $100.  The matching opportunity helps organizations stretch your donations and provide more support for those in need. 

  • If you donate $25 to The Salvation Army; the Patterson Foundation donates $25 to The Salvation Army
  • The Patterson Foundation matches $100 to your $100 donation
  • Donate $250 and the Patterson Foundation adds another $100 

How does it work?

Visit The Giving Challenge website, https://givingpartnerchallenge.org/, between the hours of noon and noon on May 1 or 2.

Enter “The Salvation Army of Manatee County” in the box that says Find an Organization.

You will be directed to a donation page.

The minimum amount accepted is $25.

The Community Foundation of Sarasota County sends receipts.

After the event, The Community Foundation of Sarasota County audits the donations, provides The Patterson Foundation with matching gift information and sends a single check to The Salvation Army for the funds raised during the Giving Challenge.

What if….

I don’t like making gifts online?  You can make a donation directly to The Salvation Army, however it will not be matched by the Patterson Foundation.

What will these funds support?

Funds raised help cover the costs of providing the basic needs of food and shelter to those in our community.  You know from your own grocery bill that food costs are rising;so is the attendance at our free community dinner, served each evening at 5 pm.  Housing prices/rental rates are increasing faster than wages, which is forcing some hard-working Manatee County residents out of their homes and into our shelters.

Special thanks to
Community Foundation of Sarasota County
The Patterson Foundation