National Salvation Army Week

“I urge all of our citizens to honor the Salvation Army during that week
for its work in the United States in the past seventy-five years.”

President Dwight D. Eisenhower, November 24, 1954″

Join us as we celebrate National Salvation Army Week between May 14 and 20, 2018.  During this week, we remember our past while reminding those what we do in the present.

Here are some facts to consider during National Salvation Army week:

Roughly one half million people live in the state of Wyoming.
This is the same number as those who are homeless in the United States.

One in eight people is starving.
14% of Americans go to bed hungry each night.

The Salvation Army in Manatee County provides food and shelter each night.  Last year, we served for than 101,000 meals and provided nearly shelter an average of 136 men, women and children each night.