Current membership of the The Salvation Army Advisory Board:

2013-2015 Officers

  • George E. Mariani, Jr., Chairman
  • R. Andy Burwell, Jr., Vice-Chairman
  • Julie Scales, Secretary/Treasurer


  • Alfred Andrews
  • Brian Barker
  • Karen Crown
  • Lewis Dale
  • Ron Haddad
  • Christine Hall
  • Roger E. Haymond
  • Kris Hoce
  • Joseph K. Huenke
  • Andrew Ingersoll
  • Suzanne Johnson
  • Emmanuel J. Lelekis
  • Bruce V. Livingston
  • Carol E. Lowrey
  • Zachary Messa, Esq.
  • Don Newman, Esq.
  • Jeanette G. Renfrow
  • Nancy Schulte
  • Lisa Smith
  • R. Paul Umberg
  • Stan Vittetoe, Ph.D.

Life Members

  • Robert A. Burwell
  • Clark M. Lea, Sr.
  • Peggy Word

Members Emeritus

  • Betty Jo Andrews
  • Charles W. Finegan
  • Leon R. Hammock
  • J. B. Johnson
  • William G. Justice
  • Hayes L. Kennedy
  • Dean S. Robinson
  • Gene Santella


  • Captain Michael S. Harris


  • Lt. Colonel Ken Luyk

Members of The Salvation Army’s Advisory Board are notable community leaders who voluntarily use their professional skills and knowledge to plan, advise and generally assist The Salvation Army on local issues. These men and women make a practical difference in The Salvation Army’s ability to serve communities in need.

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