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The Salvation Army provides a unique opportunity to utilize your talents and skills in a career aimed at helping those in need. The Salvation Army invites you to consider joining our team and help us in fulfilling our promise of Doing the Most Good! The Application Process Once you submit your resume for any of the positions listed, the recruiter will review and if there is a match between your skills and what we are looking for, you should be contacted within 30 days. The length of the recruitment to hire process can vary significantly based on the position requirements and the recruiters schedule. If there's not an immediate opportunity that matches your skills and qualifications, we will keep your application/resume on file for one year for future consideration.

Openings as of 5/18/2016

Jacksonville Area Command

Case Worker

Monitors assigned caseload of clients participating in The Salvation Army Men’s Pathways program; establishes program plan/goals and evaluates client's progress by conducting routine meetings with client and/or staff; serves as advocate for client in order to acquire services that will enable them to functionally cope with their environment.

  • Interviews applicants to determine eligibility for program enrollment based on established guidelines and requirements; conduct needs assessment, obtain pertinent information and establish program goals for eligible clients; refers applicants to other agencies if not appropriate for program.
  • Develops intake and case plans for client; instructs clients in completing necessary paperwork including goals and/or budget forms; completes orientation check-off form and obtains release of information forms when appropriate; completes social history on new clients each week.
  • Develops supportive addiction recovery meetings and bible studies.
  • Prepares and maintains case records and logs on all assigned clients; ensures the accuracy and completeness of the same; enters pertinent information into the established Homeless Management Information System (HMIS).
  • Meets regularly with clients to discuss and evaluate their progress; prepares accurate and up-to-date records documenting the same; receives incident reports and enforces disciplinary actions for infractions of the house guidelines.
  • Plans, coordinates, and/or facilitates life management classes to assist clients in obtaining skills that will enable them to functionally cope with their environment; obtains speakers and workshop presenters as needed.
  • Consistently serves as a mentor and provides positive examples of proper hygiene, personal appearance, records retention, budget planning, scheduling, etc.
  • Serves as a spiritual mentor promoting a healthy, positive spirit filled life style.
  • Assists clients in locating/securing affordable housing; conducts home visitations when appropriate; ensures that client's living quarters are properly furnished and maintained; contacts appropriate person to facilitate needed repairs; conducts routine inspections of living quarters and grounds.
  • Refers clients to appropriate Corps programs or other agencies based on clients’ needs and in accordance with their program plan.
  • Completes discharge plans of clients exiting the program; transfers file contents to non-active file; prepares card for follow-up mailing.
  • Attends community meetings with representatives of other agencies in order to educate them about the program, make client referrals and maintain awareness of client's progress.
  • Prepares and maintains statistical records on all services provided; compiles and prepares monthly statistical reports; ensures the accuracy and completeness of the same.
  • Performs recordkeeping duties to ensure that all expenditures are properly recorded and submitted to the Social Services Director as appropriate for submission to grantor.
  • Reviews budget and advises Social Services Director if expenditures are not in compliance with program budget, making recommendations as needed to ensure expenditures remain in compliance with approved program agreement.
  • Prepares, completes, and processes food, clothing, and furniture vouchers for eligible clients; directs clients to Lodge kitchen, Thrift Store or Distribution Center for assistance.
  • Conducts tours of program facility for outside agencies as requested.
  • Assists in developing and revising the service policy manual.
  • Assists with community services as needed.
  • Assists in performing social service work for special or seasonal projects.
  • Performs other related work as required.

Qualified candidates please send a resume to Social Services Director Colleen Reardon at colleen.reardon@uss.salvationarmy.org

Development Associate

Provides administrative support to the Development Director and team. In addition, coordinates, monitors, ensures the accomplishment of the various office tasks in the most efficient and effective manner possible; cross-trains in all areas and supports all office assignments concentrating on targeted deadlines and quality standards; prepares various routine and special reports to keep the department head abreast of progress; ensures office operations are in compliance with established departmental policies and procedures. Responsible for the processing, reporting and acknowledgement of gifts using Interchange.

  • Maintains an efficient and accurate database of donors, direct mail appeals, etc. to ensure thank you letters go out within 48 hours and that donor giving records and other fund raising reports are correct, up to date and easily retrievable.
  • Provides primary administrative support to the Development Department through internal and external communications and other support assignments as required.
  • Receives and responds to questions or problems regarding departmental administrative support operations; researches information in order to provide information or resolve problems in a timely manner.
  • Procures, prioritizes and disseminates office mail to ensure that mail is processed in a timely and efficient manner; determines which items require special attention and which are routine in nature; prepares routine correspondence.
  • Researches, compiles, interprets, and summarizes information for various reports, spreadsheets, surveys, and special projects; researches files, accounts, records, etc. to resolve problems and/or correct documented information; informs appropriate people of outcomes.
  • Serves as a liaison for other departments and/or other area command field units seeking information or services from the Development Department; responds to questions, researches and provides specific and general information based on the knowledge of the department operations; ensures the accuracy, completeness and timeliness to all information provided; maintains the confidential nature of the position.
  • Schedules and participates in regular staff meetings with the department to discuss work priorities, practices, and procedures; assists in resolving operational problems; provides recommendations for improvements and/or enhancements in departmental administrative support productivity.
  • Provides the necessary administrative skills in order to effectively plan for work loads and deadlines; ensures compliance with established policies and procedures.
  • Maintains open communication with office staff and supervisor; ensures the department head is informed of problems, special situations, and developments within the office.
  • Provides recommendations to the Development Director to improve/simplify/stream-line methods and procedures; initiates, explains and enforces new and existing procedures as directed.
  • Provides administrative and clerical support to director ensuring that deadlines are met and high quality standards are obtained.
  • Ensure that files are orderly and maintained in support of development department functions.
  • Assist in the coordination, planning and implementation of development department and area command special events.

Qualified candidates please send a resume to Development Director Stephanie Cain at stephanie.cain@uss.salvationarmy.org

Volunteer Recruiter

JOB SUMMARY: Develops and implements an effective volunteer program including recruiting, training and supervising volunteers. Seeks opportunities to promote The Salvation Army and its programs to the community. Assists with special events. Recruits, trains, coordinates and monitors the work of volunteers ensuring ample staff to meet program needs; prepares records and reports regarding the same.

  • Ensures thorough knowledge base of policies, procedures, and empirical practice to properly supervise volunteers.
  • Initiates and coordinates planning for all volunteer services to be provided by the Agency.
  • Determines the need for volunteer staff through program or department heads.
  • Recruits, interviews and screens, monitors to check and approve work in progress and upon completion to ensure accuracy and completeness,
  • Supervises a full complement of volunteers for volunteer activity during seasonal projects and special events.
  • Confers with program or department heads on volunteer scheduling, assigning work details, training planning and instructing in proper methods and procedures.
  • Ensures adequate volunteers are maintained to make certain that the specific needs of each volunteer assignment are properly completed and to achieve volunteer satisfaction with their experience.
  • Reviews performance evaluation of volunteers submitted by program or department heads.
  • Recognizes volunteers verbally and with a thank-you letter for their contributions to the Agency.
  • Assists in identifying and recommending changes in assignment and termination of volunteer staff as needed.
  • Maintains an up-to-date volunteer database from information on the sign-in logs at each volunteer activity.
  • On a daily basis, organizes volunteer rosters on volunteers who provide volunteer services, the hours of service provided, and ensure that this information is given to the program supervisor for their monthly statistical reports.
  • Oversees and monitors the production of volunteer records and assists in preparing annual report regarding the Christmas Program. The Volunteer Recruiter will coordinate with Human Resources Director for the safe keeping of confidential records.
  • Prepares public presentations for volunteer needs. Seeks opportunities for volunteer recruitment, such as speaking engagements, volunteer job fairs, community connections and agreements with churches, clubs and large companies to provide volunteers for the programs.
  • Maintains an active interest and participates in local volunteer associations and professional seminars with regard to volunteer program development when monies are available; analyzes trends or innovations, and integrates these into Agency volunteer services.
  • Confers with the representatives from churches, clubs, and organizations regarding the status and performance of the volunteer program; prepares records and reports regarding the same.
  • Plans and executes recognition of volunteers through on-going and special appreciation events.
  • Prepares and maintains up-to-date records on all volunteers; prepares annual report regarding the status of the volunteer program. When needed, performs criminal history background checks and finger print cards on volunteers working with children. Coordinates with Human Resources for the safe keeping of those records.
  • Confers with supervisor regarding the status and performance of the volunteer program.

Qualified candidates please send a resume to HR Director Barry Grieve at barry.grieve@uss.salvationarmy.org

Probation Counselor - BILINGUAL

Supervises, tracks, monitors, records, and evaluates the progress of assigned probation clients ensuring that all assigned clients follow their terms and conditions of probation and are not involved in further crime. Searches out the needs of the clients and makes available to them the community resources that will help them meet their needs (i.e. job referrals, alcohol counseling, welfare, etc.)

  • Ensures that all assigned clients are following their terms and conditions of probation by going over conditions of probation with the client in an initial interview and monitoring their progress by meeting with clients on a regular basis (typically monthly) in order to track and document their progress as required.
  • Outlines conditions of probation with clients to ensure they have a clear understanding of the requirements they must meet according to the court's instructions; obtains clients signature for the conditions of probation; provides clear and specific instructions regarding actions that must be taken by client prior to their next appointment.
  • Gathers and verifies client intake information; interviews client to learn as much as possible about the client and to determine special conditions or needs of the client and to establish goals; refers clients to agencies, schedules appointments as needed, and provides agency with necessary information and paperwork; directs client to community service as required.
  • Completes court-ordered paperwork containing pertinent information for all clients; ensures the accuracy, completeness and timeliness of the information recorded;
  • Documents, codes, and tracks monies received from the client maintaining accurate and complete accounting records; completes the restitution and fine forms regarding the same; ensures receipt of payments and maintains acceptable collection rate range.
  • Conducts regular appointments with clients to monitor and verify client's progress toward meeting conditions of probation.
  • Notifies the court when a client violates probation conditions; prepare Rule to Show Cause completes required paperwork and submits the same to the court; provides recommendations to the court with regard to violations of probation based on the data collected and successful termination of cases.
  • Prepares and maintains accurate and complete case notes for all client appointments; observes clients behavior and records all pertinent information about the client; outlines the procedures taken and information explained during the course of appointments.
  • Builds and maintains professional relationships with community agencies; prepares and distributes required paperwork and release forms to assist agencies providing services and assistance to clients; ensures all information provided is in compliance with established policies and procedures.
  • Serves as liaison between court system and community agencies, police departments, victims seeking restitution, victims' attorneys, insurance companies, etc.; responds to telephone calls and prepares/receives correspondence in order to obtain pertinent information and to maintain awareness of clients compliance with probation conditions; maintains accurate and complete records regarding contact with the same.
  • Prepares and maintains an appointment calendar in order to track all client appointments; prepares and maintains an organized record keeping system of all client records.
  • Prepares, processes, and coordinates violations of probation, Rule to Show Cause motions to court for changes in defendants conditions of probation, terminations of probation, restitution hearings for victim and client to appear in court, etc.; checks computer records to identify new charges, changes in cases, etc.; notifies and instructs client of required procedure and completes necessary forms; monitors client's compliance with conditions.
  • Issues and coordinates Notice of Hearings; initiates and completes the necessary paperwork and schedules appointment with the client in order to fully explain the procedure.
  • Builds and maintains professional and effective working relationships with other county probation staff; provides accurate, complete and timely information and reports as requested.

Please send resumes to Director of Corrections Robert Shoemaker at Robert.Shoemaker@uss.salvationarmy.org.

Nassau County (Fernandina Beach)

Social Services Worker/ Case Worker

Provides social service assistance to eligible clients in the following areas: food, clothing, hygiene, and financial assistance; interviews clients to determine need and eligibility to receive services; conducts site inspections and visits; prepares accurate and complete client records; refers clients to community agencies and maintains effective working relationships with the same; ensures compliance with program policies and procedures. Participates with Social Service Receptionist/Assistant in overseeing the Center traffic on a daily basis and serves as back-up as necessary by interacting with donors, partners, volunteers, clients and the general public, as necessary.

  • Greets and interviews clients requesting assistance to determine client's eligibility for assistance based on program guidelines and restrictions; records clients disposition and other pertinent information such as income, expenses, family and work history; assists clients in completing applications for assistance; photocopies social security cards, picture identification cards, payroll statements, utility bills etc.
  • Prepares, completes, and processes food, clothing and miscellaneous requests for eligible clients, directs clients to internal and external resources and agencies, when appropriate.
  • Processes rent and utility financial assistance for eligible clients; contacts utility organizations and landlords to arrange and process financial assistance.
  • Conducts site inspections and home visits at client homes, when required by grant contract.
  • Serves as liaison to other agencies in order to obtain/coordinate assistance on client's behalf; builds and maintains professional working relationships with community agencies.
  • Prepares client records in a timely manner ensuring all information is accurate and up-to-date; obtains signatures of clients as needed; accurately enters client data into HMIS database; maintains up-to-date social service case history files on all clients; maintains the confidentiality of same.
  • Conducts, documents, and tracks required follow-up communication with clients to determine long-term outcome of assistance provided; prepares reports detailing same.
  • Prepares and maintains statistical records on all services provided; compiles and prepares monthly statistical reports; ensures the accuracy and completeness of the same.
  • Prepares, maintains, and files client associated bookkeeping records; prepares and records check requests and forms for utility companies and landlords.
  • Qualifies and assists eligible clients needing emergency transportation assistance.
  • Answers telephone in a courteous and tactful manner; assists clients by providing accurate and complete information regarding the Social Service Program operations and/or services.
  • Attends Salvation Army and/or grant required or beneficial training classes, seminars, and meetings; maintains applicable certifications to ensure grant contract compliance.
  • Provides clients with food from pantry; receives and stocks or oversees the stocking of items donated for the pantry; serves clients visiting the Clothes Closet for clothing, hygiene, and household goods and/or assists volunteers serving in that function.
  • Qualifies and assists eligible clients needing emergency transportation assistance.
  • Serves as primary contact and coordinator for seasonal programs including Camp Keystone, Stuff the Bus, Thanksgiving Baskets, senior Angel Tree program, etc.; makes client contact; receives and processes applications and ensures clients of these programs are served effectively.

Qualified candidates please send a resume to HR Director Barry Grieve at barry.grieve@uss.salvationarmy.org