Musical training is a big part of Salvation Army programs. Young people, as well as adults, can participate in local musical groups at Salvation Army Corps Community Centers, and divisional groups.

For more information about the Florida divisional music program contact Divisional Music Director Stephen Burn.

The Salvation Army Florida Music Department P.O. Box 270848 Tampa, FL 33688 813-383-5746 stephen_burn@uss.salvationarmy.org


All Divisional Music ensemble members are Salvation Army soldiers or officers who volunteer their time in active performance seasons.

Divisional Band The Divisional Band is a 35-member brass band comprised of adult members of Salvation Army Centers in Florida. The group participates in various concerts and events during the year at various locations. The band has toured throughout Florida, and has also been on tour in Jamaica, Haiti, Canada, California, Washington, D.C., and Brazil.

The Florida Divisional Band Mission Statement: The Florida Divisional Band exists to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ through the medium of music. In so doing, it functions in support of The Salvation Army’s work and outreach in Florida and other areas. The Band serves as the model of musical excellence and dedication for all music ensembles in the Division. Through its music and the lives of its members, the Band seeks to help strengthen believers, to convict the hearts and minds of unbelievers, and to set a standard of musical excellence appropriate for musician s whose lives and talents are dedicated to the Lord.   Divisional Music Director Stephen Burn is the Bandmaster

The Band’s CD, Gifts for His Altar, is available through the Divisional Music Department:


The Salvation Army Divisional Music Department 5631 Van Dyke Road Lutz, FL 33558 (813)383-5746

Divisional Youth Bands The Florida Division has three Youth Bands.  The Beginner Band allows young people who have little to no experience with a brass instrument learn the fundamentals of music.  Our Junior band is for our musicians who are of an intermediate ability.  Our third band is the Divisional Youth Band.  This group is for advanced players who audition to participate.  In the spring our Youth Band will be undertaking a Music and Missions trip to Jamaica!

Divisional Youth Timbrels This group is comprised of young people from Salvation Army Corps Community Centers in Florida. Utilizing the tambourine, the Divisional Youth Timbrels perform lively timbrel drills to contemporary music or marches. The Timbrels travel with the Divisional Youth Band.

Vocal Point Vocal Point is a vocal group comprised of 8-12 young adults.  It’s repertoire is varied and includes jazz, classical, and contemporary  music.


Longino Junior Music Conservatory The Junior Conservatory is a two week course for young Salvationists aged 8-12.  Many of the young people arrive with no previous musical training.  They receive teaching in brass, vocal, bible study, and a number of electives such as guitar, piano, dance or drama.  Although our the campers are busy they also have time for lots of fun!

Longino Senior Music Conservatory The Senior Music Conservatory is for the ages of 12-18.  Those attending Senior Conservatory stay at camp for 4 weeks where they not only enjoy all that Camp Keystone has to offer, they also get excellent instrumental and vocal training.  Throughout their time at Conservatory the young people will visit two local Salvation Army Centers and conduct the Sunday Services.  Each day begins with Bible Study as the young people not only learn more about music, but also their Heavenly Father.

Florida Music Institute A 10 day camp held at The Salvation Army’s Camp Keystone, where young people participate in classes for musical instruction, spiritual growth, and recreation.  This year 165 of the Salvation Army’s young musicians met together to grow both as musicians and young Christians.  A fine faculty of instructors is brought together from around the State to ensure that the delegates get the best possible care and instruction.

Territorial Music Institute Musicians from around the USA Southern States, along with several international students, gather for 10 days of excellent training and worship in instrumental music, vocal music, music leadership, and the gospel arts. This year 30 of the 165 delegates were from Florida.