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With a presence in every zip code in America,
The Salvation Army is uniquely positioned to support survivors during and
immediately after a disaster and for years following.

 “We want to express our sincere appreciation for all you did for us the day of and the days following the tornado of 1/17/16.  The calm demeanor and knowledge of you and your staff did not go unnoticed.  The food truck was greatly enjoyed by all considering there was no power at the site all day.  It is nice to know that when the services are needed the appropriate services are ready to respond on a moments notice.
Thank you again and I hope we won’t need your services again but if we do,
I know you will be there. Very truly yours”
Janet Kaplan, President
Excelsior – Beach to Bay Owners Association
6263 Midnight Pass Road, Sarasota, FL 34242

The 2005 hurricane season was the busiest and most costly in US history.
It also launched The Salvation Army’s largest natural disaster response to date.
The Salvation Army served every community impacted by hurricane
Katrina, as well as Rita and Wilma.

Already part of communities, we were on the ground when the hurricanes hit and able to respond and serve immediately with emotional support and spiritual support, food, water, shelter and financial support.

 2.6 million people received immediate assistance in at least 30 states.
$157 million was spent on immediate response efforts that included shelter, food, hydration, and emotional and spiritual care.

After immediate needs were met, The Salvation Army remained and continued
partnering with impacted communities to rebuild.

The Salvation Army worked to rebuild neighborhoods, but also help break the cycle of poverty that is present to so many disaster survivors.  $257 million was spent on case management, reconstruction, financial assistance programs and support for volunteers to rebuild teams. 


To register to be a Disaster Services Volunteer please go to our website at

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