The Adult Rehabilitation Centers Program

In many communities there are men whose lives are in shambles. Some suffer from drug addiction. Some suffer from alcoholism. Some are unemployed and lack the skills needed to find a job. Many wandarc rosetteer the streets, without homes or help.

The Salvation Army’s Adult Rehabilitation Centers offer these men a second chance, an opportunity to start again. Each center provides individual and group counseling, training in job skills, and other tools for rebuilding positive lifestyles.

Each in-residence program puts the men into clean, comfortable living facilities. Regular meals, medical check-ups and Alcoholics Anonymous programs combine to make each center a place for new beginnings. Each center also offers a very comprehensive spiritual regeneration program in which all clients are expected to participate.

Unlike many programs, these centers are self-supporting. Clothing and household items are collected from communities. These items are brought to the center’s workshops where they are repaired and refurbished, then resold in Salvation Army family stores.

The centers are open to all men who have an identifiable and treatable handicap regardless of race, color or religious belief. The success rate of this Salvation Army program is high. There are over 100 centers across the United States. Many include similar programs for women.