Goals of Salvation Army Summer Camps

The Salvation Army provides a great variety of camping experiences in widely different settings. It must be remembered, however, that all Salvation Army camping is an expression of deeply rooted spiritual motivation which supports all Salvation Army services. From the beginning, there has been a dual development in camping: the community service type of operation which character-building and good citizenship in a Christian atmosphere are emphasized, and the more intensely evangelical camp program for the Salvation Army. The overall purpose of all Salvation Army camping programs should be to serve the total person by accomplishing these goals of camp.

Goal 1: To help campers have an awareness of God and His love, and through the love of Jesus, to aid toward spiritual growth and knowledge of basic human values.
Goal 2: To give campers a fun-filled, healthful, safe, educational, and inspirational experience in the out-of-doors.
Goal 3: To help campers develop an understanding, appreciation, and sense of stewardship for the out-doors, for the natural environment and for all living things.
Goal 4: To help campers grow in understanding themselves and each other, and especially for children to experience relationships with staff as caring adults, and to offer opportunity for people of varied faiths and cultures to develop compassion and love for each other.
Goal 5: To teach campers to cope with their problems and sometimes to help them solve them.
Goal 6: To facilitate creative self-expression through thought, worship, song, work, play, physical activity and the development of new skills.
Goal 7: To assist in developing an appreciation of the wonder and joy of the miracles of everyday living.
Goal 8: To include provision for the spiritual, educational, social, and recreational needs through a creative, healthful experience in cooperative group living in an outdoor setting.

Summer Camping Programs

The Salvation Army Camp Keystone Summer Camp Program is for Elementary and Middle School age children. It runs from mid June to the end of July and is made up of week long (Mon - Sat) overnight camps. All camp specific information and registration for these camps is run through and handled by the local Salvation Army Corps (Churches). If you do not know your local Corp, see the link at the bottom of this section or we would be happy to give you their contact information.

The Salvation Army camping program is divided into two types of camps designed to meet the specific needs of each group it serves.

Community Service Camps

Community Service Camps are operated for the benefit of children who are referred by social service agencies, such as the Salvation Army, and Boys & Girls Clubs, etc. Camp Keystone staff reach out to children providing them with a positive environment for their week at camp. Their camp experience helps them grow, learn, and be encouraged while striving to meet their spiritual, social, recreational and educational needs as appropriate.

Salvation Army Camps

Salvation Army Camps are operated for members of youth groups sponsored by The Salvation Army. Camp Keystone staff help campers meet their spiritual, social, recreational, and educational needs through the camp ministry. Salvation Army youth ministry camps include programs such as Girl Guards, Sunbeams, Boys Adventure Corps, and Music Conservatory.

Please contact your local Salvation Army, for information about the camping schedules and to register your children.

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