annual report

Commissioner David Jeffrey
National Commander

Dear Friends,

In Philippians 4:13, the Apostle Paul teaches us that we can do all things through Him who gives us strength.

All things. Even “the impossible.”

Truly, the Lord has continued to be with The Salvation Army in our work throughout the last year. It is evident in the spirits of our donors, our workers, and in the lives they change every day. This passion continues to fuel us in finding ways to make the impossible possible, inspiring hope in the lives of those who have none.

We live in a time of increasing change, for better and for worse. But the darker the world grows, the more certain I am that the Lord’s servants are present, acting as beacons of light and hope, guiding those in need toward a safer future. Our actions convey a message of faith, hope, and love, with a determination to eliminate any doubt surrounding human potential. It is our goal to continue in faith and find that potential unseen by so many.

Our mission is to look past the barriers of the world and find the most effective ways to combat poverty, disaster, and addiction. More than quick-fix solutions, The Salvation Army looks for ways to solve these problems at their source. My heart is filled with love and gratitude for God’s Army and its passion in developing resources such as the Human Needs Index and programs like Pathway of Hope. In recognizing the needs of our neighbors, we are better equipped to end the cycle of poverty that infects our nation.

Our donors continue to amaze us with their generosity, without which we would be unable to continue assisting the weary souls of the world. Their courage and sacrifice reminds us all that the Lord has an Army incapable of failing. Because the only failure is the one where we give up. And that is something we will never do.

For as long as there is something impossible to do, with the Lord’s strength, we’ll be there to do it.

Yours in His Service,

David Jeffrey, Commissioner,
National Commander

Bill Burke
National Advisory Board Chairman

Dear Friends,

“God loves with a great love the man whose heart is bursting with a passion for the impossible.”
– William Booth

In this simple statement, William Booth defined not only the heart of The Salvation Army, but the hearts of the donors and the lives inspired by their great service. A passion for the impossible is hope in mankind and the courage to “soldier on,” doing what others won’t. In this way, William Booth also defined the soul of The Salvation Army.

The Salvation Army’s mission has always been to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and to meet human need in His name, without discrimination. With more than 45 million Americans living in poverty, and countless others suffering from disaster, addiction, and abuse, many would deem this mission an impossible task. But this past year, The Salvation Army has demonstrated its determination and passion to serve those in need, never ceasing, rather striving to accomplish the impossible. Through their efforts, I have witnessed God’s love, and almost 30 million Americans served in 2015 have experienced God’s love.

The cycle of poverty is being broken by leading families out of desperation and teaching children the skills they need to succeed in life.

Human need is being identified and addressed in new and efficient ways, thanks to the implementation of the Human Needs Index.

Lost and weary souls are being reached right at their point of need through innovative advertising messages, leading them to The Salvation Army’s many centers of refuge.

Each soul that The Salvation Army serves is proof that the Lord is in this work and that the lost are never lost for good. I have felt this faith and hope for humanity in the officers, the employees, the volunteers, the donors, and the many centers throughout the nation. It’s that same spirit that brings us all together. It keeps The Salvation Army working with, searching for, and inspiring others. They are filled with the light of God and with a passion to lead these heavyhearted individuals out of impossible situations.

I am grateful for their love of service and for the love of God that they so willingly share.

With gratitude,

Bill Burke
National Advisory Board Chairman