For those interested in how to positively impact the world around you, The Salvation Army’s Speakers Bureau provides a terrific way to get started! It allows The Salvation Army to share the breadth and depth of the services it provides, as well as provide information on how your business or organization can get involved.

The Salvation Army’s Speakers Bureau can be utilized in several ways:

1.   Speaking Engagements: Salvation Army speakers come to your business/organization to share their personal experiences and stories, the programs we offer to help the disadvantaged, and the results of our work. Topics are included below on the interest form.

2.   Tours: We invite groups, businesses or organizations to visit The Salvation Army Social Services facilities and receive an in-depth tour of our services and programs first-hand.

3.   Booth: We come to you and assemble an informational booth for your business/organization to learn more about our multiple programs and services in a more relaxed setting.

For more information or to request a speaker, please fill out the form below or call Sarah Muñoz at 727-725-9777, ext. 104.


Speaker Request Form

Please complete this form and included as much information as possible to request a speaker. Someone will contact you shortly to make arrangements. Thank you!