To promote the Salvation Army’s ministry by supporting and strengthening the Army’s musical forces and artistic expressions within the Florida Division.
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“The music of the Army is, or will be, everywhere! ” - William Booth

The Salvation Army's music and arts ministries teach people of all ages how to perform to the glory of God and for the blessing of others. Whether it's playing in a Salvation Army band, singing in a choir, participating in a praise band in Sunday worship, or dancing and performing dramatizations, Salvation Army music and arts ministries provide participants with a lifetime of fulfillment through musical excellence with spiritual purpose. We pursue this mission through educational, performance, and resourcing efforts that benefit our music and arts programs, and through the administrative work and professional development of our staff.

  • Music and Arts Education
  • Performance
  • Leadership Training
  • Spiritual formation

Our Team

Florida's Divisional Music & Arts Department
Tom Hanton
Florida Divisional Music Director
Divisional Music Director, Tom Hanton serves as bandmaster for the Florida Divisional Band and coordinates music educational programs in the state of Florida. Tom is a fine teacher who brings experience and excellence to music programs. Since becoming a DMD in 2002, he has traveled as a guest artist and clinician for several events and camps.
Adely Charles
Assistant Divisional Music Director
Receiving a bachelor of arts with an emphasis in guitar, Adely is the contemporary worship specialist as well as the Florida Divisional Praise team leader. He also serves as the bandmaster of the Citrus Brass Band feeder group in the Florida Division.
Darryl Crossland
Assistant Divisional Music Director
Before coming to Florida, where he serves as bandmaster of the Florida Brass, Darryl worked in the Salvation Army’s Southern Territorial Music Department. He has been a soloist with the National Capital Band and the Southern Territorial Band. A trumpet performance major, he has been a guest artist and clinician at music camps in Russia, Portugal, Brazil, France, and Chile.
Sabrina Borum
Divisional Creative Arts Director
Sabrina completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts, Magna Cum Laude, in Theatre Education from East Carolina University where she also studied music and dance. Before coming to Florida, she worked as the Creative Arts Director in the Carolinas’ Division for 2 years. Sabrina also studied music performance at Asbury University for 2 years touring with the concert choir and Salvation Army Student Fellowship songsters and band as a euphonium player.

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