Children at Camp

The Salvation Army is pleased to partner with foundations, corporations and community organizations to raise funds and awareness around The Salvation Army and our mission.

We would like to thank the following Partners for their contributions:

Jim Moran Foundation

William R. Watts Foundation

Fabrize Foundation

Broward Homeless Initiative Partnership

Amaturo Foundation

The Cheesecake Factory

Publix Super Market Charities


G. B. Knecht Foundation

United Way of Broward County

Kearns Family Foundation

Lawrence A. Sanders Foundation

Food For All

Helen Ingham Foundation

Charles F. and Esther M. Frye Foundation

Allen Foundation

American Plumbing

Medallion Decorating Center

John and Nellie Bastien Memorial Foundation

JM Family Enterprises

Sun Sentinel Children’s Fund

Josephine S. Leiser Foundation


City Furniture