Disaster Services

The Salvation Army is one of the first agencies to respond when disaster strikes.  In Broward County, the Army is able to provide a multitude of basic services in response to a disaster.  These services are dependent on the needs of the individuals and communities affected.
The Salvation Army is also proud to partner with local, state, and federal emergency agencies, as well as local charitable organizations.


Food Service

Hot meals and cold drinks served from our mobile canteen to disaster victims and emergency personnel.


The Salvation Army is able to provide additional shelter space for those displaced, evacuated, or homeless as a result of a disaster.

Emergency Assistance

Financial assistance provided directly to individuals and families focuses on urgent needs – food, shelter, clothing, and medical.

Emotional & Spiritual Care

Trained staff and volunteers provide emotional and pastoral care to victims and workers coping with the disaster.

Clean Up & Reconstruction

The Salvation Army is there to support the rebuilding efforts, starting with clean-up kits for damaged homes.