Ethan manages the Crossroads Program, and he loves what he does. 


  1. Marci Reply
    Hello Ethan, I would like to get all the information for the residential program. Please send me the website or the way to get it. The program you have? age of participants? requirements, etc. I thank you in advance for your time and help in this important matter.
    • kjeudy Reply
      Hi Marci, You can click the link Crossroads Program for more information regarding the Crossroads program. Or feel free to please contact at 239-334-3745.
  2. jeffrey touchton Reply
    I have a friend Fort Myers as a mental and substance abuse issues that stem from way back facing jail time for probation violation due to in unable to cope with her substance abuse issues currently she's Lee County I've known her for 14 years she does jail time just going to go out and pick up again willing and ready to face her problems drug of choice was crack and she started shooting heroin in the last month before being really arrested she also has pretty severe emotional issues Obama's house and spiritual not trying to get her out of jail or just trying to get her treatment she stays in there all they're doing is postponing her death for a year it's very serious you could contact me back any advice or ways you could possibly help I would totally appreciate it her name is Tommy Elizabeth Elias she is now a resident of Florida she's out of very downward spiral she has two daughters and lost custody of the oldest and skeleton Get the Hell she's in Jeopardy of losing the other she really needs intensive therapy or any year so be back using or dead you could get back to me with any suggestions or advice totally appreciate it she's willing and ready to commit to a program matching on her behalf because she is incarcerated over the counter in the core facility
    • kjeudy Reply
      Jeffrey, thank you for reaching out in regards to your friend. You can call our Social Services Program at 239-334-3745. They will be able to guide you in the direction of help for her.

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