“1500 meals on just one truck?”

Noah Spalding exclaimed while looking at his good friend Braden Kaaber on a tour at The Salvation Army in Fort Myers, FL.

As the boys toured the campus asking one series of questions after another regarding where the hard-earned money they raised to help the homeless was going to go.

When Noah and Braden, both second graders at Tanglewood Elementary School, were assigned by their teacher to complete a community leadership project they took no time in putting their entrepreneurial skills to work to do the most good. They came up with a plan to sell lemonade and cookies. Cookies were two for a dollar and a glass of lemonade would cost you fifty cents. Their community wasted very little time capitalizing on the great deal for an afternoon snack. Within three hours the boys had sold out of their stock of cookies and numerous pitchers of lemonade bringing their total revenue to just over $60.

Braden and Noah were very excited when asked to come tour The Salvation Army campus off Edison Avenue and see how every dollar they wanted to donate was going back into their community. Seeing the only family shelter located in Lee County and the Outreach Center where Meals For Compassion is distributed to the homeless energized the boys wanting to know of how they could help even more. Both looking to their mothers wanting to come and help serve the homeless directly at the Outreach Center.

When the boys had finished the tour their energy and charisma they displayed while presenting the money to Kris Volpone, the Volunteer Coordinator, was infectious and heartwarming. Throughout the tour the boys asked questions, were enamored by the inner workings of the programs and took an interest around every corner. Both looking forward to the next opportunity to get involved in their community to help others.

If interested in volunteering in Lee, Hendry, and Glades counties click here.


Authored by Eric Anderson




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