Be a Shield

The Salvation Army is Doing the Most Good in Southwest Florida by meeting human needs in His name. But, the need always outweighs the resources on hand. We need you alongside us throughout the year providing help, hope, and healing. Get involved. Be a Shield.

You can donate, advocate, host a drive, volunteer, and share your experience. Here are a few ideas:

Be a Shield is designed to encourage new levels of involvement and commitment from our community. This includes engaging younger generations of volunteers and donors who already care passionately about the very issues we address and inspiring them to embrace the meaningful work of The Salvation Army for decades to come.

Be a Shield is a call to action; a rallying cry to the community to help shield vulnerable neighbors from hunger, homelessness and despair. It is an identity for individuals that share our core values empowering them to say “I am a Shield! I am lifting up my community!”

Be a Shield is also a commitment; challenging each of us to take a brave stand in facilitating lasting change through emotional, spiritual, and tangible involvement. And finally, it is a conversation as “Shields” share our experiences with families, friends, co-workers, and peers through grass-roots advocacy to spring forth for the cause of the needy.

Be a Shield! Call (239) 278-1551.