The Salvation Army is an important part of local disaster services organizations. In Pinellas County, The Salvation Army has a specific role in accordance with Pinellas County Emergency Management. We are the primary agency for coordinating, collecting and the distribution of food and water. Natural or man-made disasters, The Salvation Army Disaster Service Team are often first to arrive on the scene and last to leave.  

Disasters are unforgiving and some leave a trail of devastation and total destruction behind, as in the case of the September 11th Terrorist Attacks. What takes a lifetime to build, only takes moments to destroy. Your local Salvation Army worked one-on-one with many families and individuals who lost their jobs and experienced a decrease in work hours due to the state of the economy. Also, the community donated thousands of dollars to be sent to New York to help fund the rescue operations and the mobile feeding that The Salvation Army did around the clock at Ground Zero.   

For more information on The Salvation Army Disaster Services, please call (727) 550-8080