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The Salvation Army’s Social Services Department  encompasses a wide range of programs to help individuals and families overcome daunting obstacles. 

The Salvation Army’s grand design in social work has always been one of empowerment, enabling those in need to change their life’s circumstances and overcome challenges that stand in their way.

For assistance or more information:                                                                                           1400 4th Street South – St. Petersburg, FL 33701 – 727-822-4954

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Services include emergency assistance, self-sufficiency programming, counseling, referral services and much more.

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Designed for men, women and families who are facing homelessness. The shelter provides case management services as well as three meals a day.

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Housed families or individuals in need will receive a small bag of groceries to supplement monthly food expenses.

Anyone is welcome to enjoy lunch in the community kitchen 7 days a week at 12pm.

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Emergency Clothing

Available for extenuating circumstances.  A voucher for The Salvation Army’s Family Stores can be issued for three (3) days of clothes.  Victims of disaster or fire must be referred by The American Red Cross and live in South Pinellas County in order to receive a voucher for seven (7) days of clothes.

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Furniture Assistance

Available for extenuating circumstances.  A voucher for The Salvation Army’s Family Stores can be issued for the necessary furnishings (i.e. bed mattresses, frames etc.)  Victims of disaster or fire must be referred by the American Red Cross and live in South Pinellas County.

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Available once every twelve months for electric, gas or water bills but is limited to emergency situations.  Emergency situations are justified by producing a Shut-off Notice or a Notice of Eviction.  No deposits or rent.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column_inner][/vc_row_inner][vc_row_inner][vc_column_inner width=”1/3″]
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