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International  Headquarters

International Headquarters, in London, England, is the international administrative center of The Salvation Army. From International Headquarters, the General, the Army’s international leader, provides spiritual and administrative guidance to Salvation Army units around the world. [ Visit Website ][/vc_column_text][vc_row_inner][vc_column_inner width=”1/2″][vc_column_text]

The Salvation Army in the United States

The Salvation Army in the United States is divided into four territories1. The national commander and the national chief secretary serve in coordinating capacities. Each territorial commander operates under the general policies laid down by International Headquarters in London, England.

National policy is established by the Commissioners’ Conference, over which the national commander presides. While the local leadership adjusts to meet conditions in each community, all officers are subject to the same broad, overall policies. [ Visit Website ]

The USA Southern  Territory

The administrative center of the Southern Territory is in Atlanta, Georgia. The USA Southern Territory comprises 15 southern states and is divided into nine divisions. The territorial commander is the administrative and spiritual leader of the territory [ Visit Website ]


Territories are divided into divisions, with a divisional commander, the division’s spiritual and administrative leader, leading a team of administrative officers in each division. Each division encompasses a number of corps and other Salvation Army centers. Where it is not possible for a corps to have its own full-time commanding officer, non-commissioned local officers (lay leaders) are often asked to accept some responsibility for local leadership. [ Visit Website ]

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Area Commands

Salvation Army operations in large metropolitan areas are often administered by an area commander. Under his command, there may be a number of Salvation Army officers commanding corps community centers and social service centers.

Corps  Community Centers

This is the local Salvation Army center of operations seen in most towns and cities across the country. Each week a variety of people will meet here for worship, cross-cultural services, fellowship, musical activities and other events.

There may also be a variety of community outreach activities, as well as character building activities for youth and adults.  All are welcome to attend Salvation Army meetings.

Emergency relief, emergency shelter or other social services may also be available at the corps community center, though they often are offered at one or more separate nearby Salvation Army facilities.

Other Salvation Army Centers of Operation

Large social services centers, senior citizen’s housing, domestic violence and children’s shelters, camps and rehabilitation centers may operate independently of an area command or corps community center. These facilities are administered directly by divisional headquarters or by territorial headquarters.